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Various Libraries access digitally

Place where bibliographical material such as books, theses and magazines are found.

Department that provides Counseling, Psychology, Teacher Insurance, Scholarships.


We provide a wide variety of courses aimed at both our students and teaching and administrative staff, in addition to being open to the general public.

Human Research Committee

Email service with Gmail

Courses offered by different departments of the University


News from the University of Azuay made by our correspondents


Access to the internal services of the University, requires an institutional email account

Exchange programs, agreements, foreign students at the University of Azuay, dissemination of academic opportunities abroad Communication through networks and its website to the university community about information on academic opportunities abroad, nexus with the outside

Publications made by the Publishing House of the University of Azuay.


Free service that allows members of the University Community to have access to the Internet. To connect to the Wifi of the University of Azuay, you must do so to the SSID WiFI-UDA, WiFi-UDA-Postgraduate and WiFi-Library. This will depend on the location you are in. A username or password is not required to connect to the Wi-Fi network, access is free.

The Institutional Repository of the UNIVERSIDAD DEL AZUAY, has the objective of preserving and giving visibility to the academic and scientific content produced by the institution, such as: theses, final graduation projects, books, articles, research results, teaching works, etc. The repository is being indexed by various harvesters such as: RRAAE, LA REFERENCIA, REDI, etc. In order to increase the visibility of bibliographic resources, in addition to allowing consultation and citation of academic content throughout the world.

Academic Journals of the University of Azuay


Weekly Newspaper of the University of Azuay.


News related to the University of Azuay

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