Natalia Cordero Interior designer who promotes her company Minali Estudio

Natalia Cordero Interior designer who promotes her company Minali Estudio

Natalia Cordero Márquez, is an interior designer, with a master's degree in Art and Spatial Design, at the Polytechnic of Milan and a diploma in Furniture Design, at Dmad, Madrid. 

The designer's family is related to construction and design and since she was little she knew what she wanted for her future. Her father Diego Cordero is a civil engineer and her mother Ana Isabel Márquez is an artist and paints pictures. "Since I was a child I saw myself in a profession related to architecture, design, furniture or object design. It was not difficult to decide on the profession," she says. 

He later traveled to Milan to complete his master's degree. "I did my internships in a company and the best ones had the opportunity to work with them," she explains. Natalia contributed in the object design area and learned that "design is adding value to things." 


His time at the Milan company marked him in his training with the design of objects. Arousing interest in this area, he traveled to Madrid for his diploma. 


They are three years of creation of his company. "Due to the pandemic, I spent more time on interior design because by staying at home, people felt the need to set up work spaces and have decorative objects," he says. 


Natalia and her wife value the work of Cuencan artisans, which is why they involve many of them in their projects. 

As for the design theme, they adapt to each client's space. In this case, the furniture adapts to a living room, dining room, kitchen or bathroom. "In the case of renovations, existing objects can be used and if there is an opportunity to start from scratch, all the better." 

His work has a local, national and even international scope with a project in the United States. "My husband worked for a time in construction in San Francisco and we have a good relationship with a construction company in this city. Now we have the opportunity to carry out designs and renovations," she details.