Matías Cordero: "Finishing my stage as an athlete was the most difficult decision of my life"

Matías Cordero: "Finishing my stage as an athlete was the most difficult decision of my life"

Matías Cordero, one of the best swimmers in the province and the country, announced his decision to withdraw from competitions, to dedicate his time to university studies. The Azuayan is currently studying the second cycle of the Law Degree at the University of Azuay (UDA).


The local swimmer entered this discipline at the age of seven, and since then he has always been trained by Juan Fernando Enderica, whom he considers as his second father. In the same way, since his beginnings as a braceador, he has been a constant protagonist on behalf of the Enderica Salgado Brothers Club.


Matías says that this decision was not made overnight, because for several weeks he had been thinking about ending his sports career. Despite his various national and international medals, the man from Cuenca feels overwhelmed and unmotivated.


“I never lacked support, rather my thanks to the Azuay Sports Federation (FDA), the Ministry of Sports, the Ecuadorian Swimming Federation (FENA) and my Club, who welcomed me from the beginning. I take this new direction with responsibility and for something personal. I will always love this discipline, the values ​​I learned in each event and in each competition I will put into practice in my academic preparation”, said Cordero, 18, in dialogue with Diario El Mercurio.


For Matías, swimming will always be the best thing that has happened in his life, it is even the sport that has given him the most joy; however, in recent months he felt that he had to step aside, to face new goals. “I am a bit far from my lack of training, maybe I had to do it a little more, but now I am focused on the university and I am looking for a Law Firm to carry out my internships, which start in May. Swimming will never leave my life, I will look for an opportunity to combine my career with the sports field, "said the Azuayo.


Cordero obtained medals in South American Youth Championships, National Games, in addition, his photograph appears in the Gallery of Fame of the Sports Federation of Azuay.

“I advise my teammates to seek happiness and also trust with the coach. Now I have a new stage and I will put all my effort to be a professional…”.