World Water Day is celebrated every March 22 to remember the relevance of this essential liquid. This year, its purpose is to raise awareness about the global water crisis and the need to seek measures to reduce shortages.


Various events were held in our city, such as the academic We move through water! master conferences held on Wednesday, March 23 at the UDA Auditorium: «Control of the quality and quantity of water in Cuenca», «Towards the construction of cities more resilient to floods», «Regulation of flows and their importance in the risk section”, presented by managers and officials of ETAPA EP, EMAC EP, CGA and ELECAUSTRO SA


The selected themes are due to the fact that the main concerns of the people of Cuenca are the scarcity of water for the coming years and the sudden growth of the Yanuncay, Tomebamba and Tarqui rivers with flows that exceed 200 m3/s, overflowing each year, causing deterioration. of roads and sanitary infrastructure with immense costs and difficulties for its replacement.


Faced with this problem, the Municipality of Cuenca and ETAPA EP developed hydraulic studies with the support of Dr. Boris Abril, to determine the areas most susceptible to flooding, and warn the population that could be affected in advance.


It was emphasized that the city's basins are small in size, the largest does not exceed 476 km2, in addition to the chaparro and pajonal have been devastated for livestock activity and urban growth, being essential the integral management of them and their regulation through the construction of dams and reservoirs such as Machángara already has with El Labrado inaugurated 50 years ago and Chanlud built 26 years ago, to reduce floods and above all ensure water for the city.


Ensuring drinking water for the population is something as important, as essential as ensuring the air; it is something that has to do with survival, with a fundamental right of each person, which must be protected and nurtured by the State, with the investments that are required, without limitation, and in contrast to any other type of investment! There can be nothing more priority or urgent than this!