Older adults star in fashion show in Cuenca

Older adults star in fashion show in Cuenca

80 older adults demonstrated that age is just a number through the third edition of the “Fashion Show” organized by the Azuay Senior Center (CAM).

Titled “RetroHit of the Golden Years,” the parade showed the talent that a group of older adults was honing in recent weeks through a series of workshops held in Cuenca. 

The presentation took place yesterday in the auditorium of the University of Azuay (UDA), whose space was too small for the number of attendees who gathered to watch the adult men and women parade and dance. 

«We want to demonstrate their talent through modeling. You don't have to be young to model. On this occasion we show different stages from the sixties to the eighties. That's why we call it retro hits," said Cira Tapia, head of CAM.

Among the participants was Luzmila Calle, a 66-year-old woman who paraded for the first time. Motivated by her daughter, Luzmila enrolled in the Center for the Elderly to prove to herself that her vitality is still intact.

And this was shown when he came out on the UDA stage, where the cheers of the attendees resounded due to the presence of the older adults.

“I feel happy because my 66 years do not weigh me down. My spirit is still young as before. So we are happy to tell the youth that age is not what one has to cling to. You always have to live with a young spirit,” Luzmila told El Mercurio newspaper.


Open enrollment 

The fashion show served to motivate other older adults to be part of the CAM, a space that is open to all those who have a degree of affinity with the Ecuadorian Institute of Social Security, whether retirees, voluntary members or montepío.

To register in the CAM, which currently has 3988 members, you must go to its facilities located on La República street and Huayna Cápac avenue. You can also contact us through the number 072871800.

Once registered, older adults are evaluated and then assigned to the workshops that are offered at no cost at the CAM.