A new learning environment Abelardo Morán school

A new learning environment Abelardo Morán school

On April 8, the final project was delivered to the Community Network Foundation for the expansion of the Abelardo Morán school in the community of Piñán, Ibarra.

The event was inaugurated with the words of Francisco Salgado, Rector of the University, who indicated that "this is a new, different, renewed, fresh concept so that girls and boys have the best learning."  

Then Diego Proaño and Andrea Narváez, members of the UDA Consultant for Architecture and Urban Planning, were given a brief overview of various historical events related to architectural advances, which were the axes for developing this project.

A review was made of the design of two innovative educational systems, on the one hand the Montessori schools, which adapt to the environment of the school spaces depending on the development of the child with didactic material for correct stimulation and learning; on the other hand, Waldorf schools, which encourage students to take ownership of the place where they receive classes.

From the aforementioned, specific conclusions were generated from an innovative educational model that is based on improving to favor institutional teaching to a model that allows the child to be the center of this process.

Also conceive classrooms and furniture as flexible elements where the boundary between public and private dissipates, according to the growth and adaptation of the child.

And, in addition, the link between the school and the community because this is the place where people are trained and spend most of their time.

Other conclusions such as scale furniture, collaborative learning and extension spaces were discussed later.

Simón Cretien, who is in charge of the Community Network foundation, thanked the University and the consulting firm for their support and, finally, Luis Alfredo Rodríguez, president of the Piñán community spoke:

“From the beginning it was an illusion that we as a community had since Simón arrived with that objective of helping us in the educational system and he fulfilled it”.


UDA Correspondent