"UDA Akadem" a contribution to knowledge in Administration Sciences

"UDA Akadem" a contribution to knowledge in Administration Sciences

On November 23 at the University of Azuay, the UDA AKADEM Business Thinking Magazine Universidad del Azuay number 12 was presented, an event that is framed within the fulfillment of the sustainable development objectives, specifically objective 4: Quality Education. 

UDA AKADEM emerged at the end of 2015, to date its XII Edition is in circulation and two editions have been published per year with approximately 77 articles. 

This magazine embraces the thinking of the economics of the company and its functional areas of production, administration and human resources, finance, technology, which is why it brings together in its Editorial Committee distinguished professionals from the Faculties of the University who remain related to the company. 

At the event, our rector, Francisco Salgado, addressed the public, pointing out the fundamental importance of scientific magazines and books. He highlighted that through these publications, a valuable dialogue is established with diverse communities and people who contribute their own perspectives, thus enriching the knowledge landscape.

This journal not only highlights the University's ongoing commitment to academic excellence, but also reaffirms the essential role of research and the exchange of ideas in building a strong business and educational environment. 

UDA Akadem


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