Technologized approved and ready to receive students

Technologized approved and ready to receive students

"The University is looking for an answer for those young people who for many reasons cannot access the university."

With this phrase began the interview carried out this July 15 at the Campus with the Academic Vice Chancellor, Martha Cobo, s about the new offer of technologists offered by the University of Azuay

"Instead of studying, many young people look for a future in another country or migrating to urban areas," adds the Vice Chancellor, "that's why we are looking for a project that helps local and rural development."

Rural areas have been relegated by the pandemic, however, that area has always provided us with food and the UDA does not want to stop thinking about the people who live in rural areas, Cobos said.

It seeks to support young people who have a difficulty in pursuing undergraduate studies and those young people who want to complement their career with one of the approved technologists. It should be emphasized that technology careers according to the Education Law are third level.

There was a great deal of work behind this that includes the support of all the University authorities, of teachers who have had experiences in rural areas, of academic research people and of companies.

"The only projects that work are those that work together with many people," says the Academic Vice-Chancellor.

The university will support students in rural areas with close accompaniment with coordinators to help solve all kinds of situations, in addition to having the virtual campus as a key tool for the development of students.

On the other hand, all students will have UDA services such as psychology, pedagogical accompaniment, university health and wellness network.

Two technologists have dual modality, they have the support of the CIPEM (Chamber of Industries, Production and Employment) and a German certification. These companies cover part of the tuition fees and are the place of student internships. These careers allow you to have internships while studying within the University.

Currently there is already an agreement with the companies thanks to the CIPEM and it only remains to define an exact date on which this project will be launched, what is sought is that the offer of technologists does not intersect with the start of classes at the UDA.

It is expected that the technologists will start blended in the month of October of this year and that, through their promotion, the project will be well received.


UDA Correspondent