University symposium is held at the UDA

University symposium is held at the UDA

The University of Azuay hosted the National Symposium "Perspectives of the Ecuadorian University on Institutional Evaluation". The event, which took place at the 3 in April, was organized by the four universities of Cuenca and was held in the conference room of the University Council of the UDA.

The objective of the symposium was to present to universities across the country ideas originated in the city and intended for the Council of Higher Education (CES) around the evaluation model applied by this regulatory body.

According to the introduction to the symposium, it was sought "to reach broad agreements between higher education institutions that guide the processes of institutional evaluation in the country".

Ana María Burbano, Director of Self-Assessment and Quality Assurance at the University of Azuay, mentioned that 18 universities from the Ecuadorian Coast and Sierra participated in the meeting.

At the opening of the event, the presence of Francisco Salgado, Rector of the Universidad del Azuay; Pablo Vanegas, Rector of the University of Cuenca; Enrique Pozo, maximum representative of the Catholic University of Cuenca and Javier Herrán, Rector of the Salesiana Polytechnic University. Each of them had a short intervention in the first minutes of the symposium.

Salgado asked that this space be used to "reflect more on the essence of the university, what it means to be a good university, and less on the molds and forms that have been present in recent years in the country."

On the other hand, Vanegas said that "external and autonomous entities are needed to evaluate universities; but at the same time we must also consider the own reality that we have in the country. How many of us would like to be able to use international parameters to evaluate our universities? But we're not in that state yet. "

After the intervention of the four rectors, Burbano took the floor to present the consensus reached by the universities of Cuenca to present a joint proposal to the ESC.

Among the most noteworthy elements of the proposal, the importance of keeping institutional identity in mind throughout the evaluation model was discussed, maintaining the line of discourse that had been handled by the rectors who spoke about the particularities of Ecuadorian universities.

The 18 institutions of higher education came from 11 provinces of the country.