Solemn session to remember the forgers of the University

Solemn session to remember the forgers of the University

The University of Azuay recalled in a solemn session the men and women who forged it 50 years ago.

The 20 of April, during the Solemn Session that took place in the General Auditorium, Juan Cordero, Mario Jaramillo, Francisco Olmedo, Claudio Malo, Dora Giordano, Luis Tonón and Carlos Tapia were awarded the "Ernesto Álvarez Álvarez" award.

The professors and administrative employees who fulfilled 25 years of commitment and responsibility with the University were also recognized.

In his speech, Rector Francisco Salgado stressed the importance of remembering and honoring the founders of the University of Azuay 50 years ago and the teachers and workers who have been in the institution for a quarter of a century.

"We all fulfill different roles in the university, managers, teachers and employees, but we are all peers," emphasized the Rector.

Then the seven professors who arrived at the 25 years of service went on to receive their recognition: Mónica Corral, Carlos Delgado, Karina Huiracocha, Gil Álvarez, Galo Ordoñez, Omar Delgado and Guillermo Ochoa.

Then it was the turn of the administrative employees: Luis García, Roberto Zamora, Miguel Romero, Ángel Estrella and Lucinda León.

After the awarding of the Ernesto Álvarez Álvarez decoration to the smiths, Francisco Olmedo spoke on behalf of the honorees.

"The gratitude is the memory of the heart", said the Spanish professor at the beginning of his speech and then went back to the beginnings of the University, called in 1968 Higher Institute of Philosophy, dependent of the Catholic University of Guayaquil.

Olmedo stressed that the history of the University, beyond dates and formalities, is a story of struggle, precariousness and overcoming.

Finally, to conclude the evanto, Italian-Argentine pianist Jorge Romero performed two musical works on the piano and received recognition and thanks from the University.