Arq UDA Presentation Projects 2022

Arq UDA Presentation Projects 2022

On April 5, the University of Azuay together with its Publishing House carried out the presentation of the book “Arq UDA Proyectos 2022”, an event that is framed within the fulfillment of the sustainable development objectives, mainly objective 4: Quality Education.

The event was attended by authorities, teachers, administrative staff and students from our university community. 

This book addresses the importance of redefining the relationship with nature in the era of the Anthropocene; The final year projects at the University of Azuay focus on sustainable development and architecture as a response to current crises.

In this sense, students explore various themes, from the mitigation of social problems through architecture to the revitalization of urban rivers and the promotion of social cohesion through urban facilities. 

The welcoming words were given by Toa Tripaldi, director of Casa Editora, who mentioned that the development of a book involves several challenges, emphasizing that the real work begins when the book is finished because it is in the community where knowledge is shared. 

The presentation of the work was made by Rafael Estrella, dean of the Faculty of Design, Architecture and Art of the University of Azuay. 

The official launch of the book was done by Cristian Sotomayor, coordinator of the school of architecture on behalf of all the participants. 

Arq UDA 2022 Presentation


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