Alfonso Troya Jaramillo Award: launch of its third edition

Alfonso Troya Jaramillo Award: launch of its third edition

On October 17, the University of Azuay, the Simón Bolívar Andean University, Ecuador headquarters and the University of Manizales carried out the Launch of the Third Edition of the Alfonso Troya Jaramillo Award, an event that is framed within the fulfillment of the sustainable development objectives , mainly objective 4: Quality education.

The Alfonso Troya Jaramillo award seeks to promote studies in the field of Administration, contributing to companies through research with current and innovative approaches that generate added value, encourage innovation, facilitate insertion into technological processes and motivate community care. and the environment, supporting the development of inclusive and sustainable companies.

This recognition is made as a posthumous tribute to the Economist Alfonso Troya Jaramillo who was a pioneer in the creation of multiple spaces for research and application of administration in Ecuador, being one of the creators of the first Master's Degree in Business Administration and creator of the first doctorate. in administration, in our country. This event is held biannually, and for this third edition it will be international in nature, promoting studies in the countries of the region.

Alfonso Troya Award


During the official launch, the rector of our institution, Francisco Salgado, stressed the importance of this award that bears the name of a prominent economist. He invited participants to imagine new possibilities in all fields in the hope of proposing ideas that will lead us towards a better future for all.

The launch event included the participation of Wilson Araque, Vice-Rector of the Simón Bolívar Andean University, Ecuador headquarters, as well as the words of Enrique Ayala Mora, Founding Rector of the Simón Bolívar Andean University and Yamilhet Andrade Arango, Academic-Administrative Vice-Rector from the University of Manizales. 

Without a doubt, these events promote the imagination and initiative of the participants in the field of management sciences. The innovative proposals that emerge from these joint efforts in the classrooms and beyond reflect the commitment and talent of those participating in this important award.

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