Launch of the book on risks in the manufacturing sector

Launch of the book on risks in the manufacturing sector

On November 12, the Faculty of Administration Sciences, in commemoration of its 50 years, and the Publishing House of the University of Azuay launched the book "Financial Risks", by the authors Iván Orellana, Luis Tonon, Marco Reyes , Luis Pinos and Estefanía Cevallos.

The event was attended by Francisco Salgado, Rector of the University of Azuay; Martha Cobos, Academic Vice Chancellor; Jacinto Guillén, Vice-rector for Research; Oswaldo Merchán, Dean of the Faculty of Administration Sciences; Genoveva Malo Toral, Dean of the Faculty of Design, Architecture and Art; Ximena Moscoso, Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Administration.

Also present were Andrés Robalino, Executive Director of the Chamber of Industries, Production and Employment, and in charge of making the prologue; the authors of the book, teachers and students.

The work analyzes the financial risk in the period 2007-2018 in the manufacturing industry, one of the most important sectors in the economic development of the country.

The manufacturing sector is made up of 24 subsectors and 3.640 companies, it also represents more than 20.000 million dollars in income, equivalent to 13% of the Ecuadorian economy, and generates more than 220 thousand jobs.

The book uses models based on regression methods, discriminant analysis and logistics to measure the risks of insolvency, liquidity and market, these being variable risks that significantly define the possibility of business failure.

The results presented in the work allow to know the expected profitability and risk in each sector, it also offers valuable information to make investment decisions and opportunities for growth or entrepreneurship.

The Rector of the UDA congratulated the authors of the book and added that it will be of great help for the students' learning, as well as it will be a tool that will serve the production sector in general.

The Dean of the Faculty said that the text aims to be a support for students and professionals: "Nobody realizes, having a book in their hands, the effort and work that it has cost," he added.

It is also difficult for the manufacturing sector, said Iván Orellana, one of the authors of the book, who indicated that the sector has seen that in the last 100 years 62% of enterprises or companies have closed

The result of this work will be presented as a presentation at the International Finance Conference in the city of Montevideo, Uruguay at the end of November. Likewise, it has been accepted as a scientific article in the “ECOS” journal of Economics of the EAFIT University from Colombia.

If you wish to access the book ¨Riesgos Financieros¨, you can do so through the following link:

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