The University of Azuay opened its doors for the "Jaguar Spirit"

The University of Azuay opened its doors for the "Jaguar Spirit"

The 16 of June, in the auditorium of the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Azuay, presented the novel "Spirit Jaguar", written by the Ecuadorian Jennie Carrasco Molina.

"The book breaks schemes, it is not an ordinary book and that is why we have done something different and we thank the University of Azuay for opening the doors to present this work", commented Catalina Sojos, in charge of the presentation of the work.

The story takes place in 1600 in the city of Quito, where two women share their knowledge of natural medicine, the desire to excel and unconditional love that contrasts with the hatred of a man who wants to kill and destroy the knowledge that these women possessed.

Carrasco thanked the students and professors who attended the presentation of his book and commented: "It is a work that wants to recover all that ancestral wisdom of our grandparents, talks about everything about natural medicine and the healing of body and soul" .

The author added that the novel took several years to take shape and be completed:

"When I finally finished writing it, the characters thanked me because they wanted to come out."