The University of Azuay opened its home for high school graduates

The University of Azuay opened its home for high school graduates

On 4 and 5 days in April the Open House was held at the University of Azuay, the opportunity for approximately 6.000 students from different schools in Cuenca and other cities to visit the campus to obtain information about the academic offer of the next cycle.

The day started at eight in the morning with the presentation of a video, a dance show and a welcoming welcome from the University's logistics. The young people, later, proceeded to visit the stands of the 28 Schools of the UDA.

Under large tents and with a contagious student climate of joy, UDA students accompanied by some teachers presented the most important aspects of their careers.

Some educational units requested a visit to the facilities of some schools so that their students have a personalized explanation, explained Maria Elena Castro, Director of Student Welfare at the University of Azuay.

The posters, computers, activities and prizes were used by the exhibitors to captivate students from the last years of school. Enrique Andrade, a student at the Daniel Cordova school, stated that he arrived at the Open House without much expectation, but that the exposure of the representatives of Clinical Psychology had made him decide in his career.

"We help them make the most important decision of their life, their profession, so they are willing to receive explanations, suggestions and information from other young people, and in fact, that is what makes the difference on our exposure of the academic offer, because they are the same students who talk about their experiences in their careers ", concluded the Director of Student Welfare.