The UDA celebrates 50 years of being the seat of reason and heart

The UDA celebrates 50 years of being the seat of reason and heart

On October 25 the solemn session was held for the 50 years of the University of Azuay in the general auditorium of the campus. The event was attended by the highest authorities of the University, the city and the region. In addition, professors, students, employees and administrative staff of the UDA were present.

Franciso Salgado, Rector of the University, presided over the session, in which he was accompanied by Marcos Pérez Caicedo, Archbishop of Cuenca and Chancellor of the UDA; Martha Cobos, Academic Vice-Rector; Jacinto Guillén, Vice-Rector of Investigations; deans of the different faculties, department directors and members of the University Council.

As special guests to the event were Marcelo Cabrera, Mayor of the city; Paúl Carrasco, Prefect of Azuay; María Cecilia Alvarado, Viceprefect; Xavier Enderica, Governor of the province; Cristina Reyes, national assemblyman; Alejandro Serrano, former Vice President of Ecuador and professor of the institution; Jefferson Pérez, Olympic medalist; Pablo Vanegas, Rector of the University of Cuenca; forjadores of the university, representatives of other universities cuencanas and nationals, figures of the national army and other guests.

Prior to the start of the formal event, fragments of operas sung by Belén Campoverde and Gabriela Méndez, students of Theater Arts, were presented in the auditorium's outer courtyards. After this, those attending the event entered and filled the auditorium shortly before eleven o'clock.

The session began with the entrance of the board of directors, whose members wore the traditional blue cap and cap of the University. Before going on stage, the voice of the late Monsignor Luna Tobar, emblem of the city and former Chancellor of the UDA, was heard over the speakers, while on the screen his portrait was projected with the words he was speaking in his speech. "With love, the nickname in the pot grows" was the monseñor's phrase with which the first part of the session was closed and, after which, the authorities passed to the table.

The polyphonic choir of the University of Azuay, led by the pianist Lucas Prado, was in charge of singing the National Anthem of Ecuador, after which the speeches would begin.

The speech of honor was given by the Rector in which he addressed the most important themes of the university in its 50 years of history. He began directing a few words of homage to Luna Tobar. "The University requires your verb to be always present, questioning everything and encouraging everything," he said.

While making a historical recapitulation of what was the founding of the University and the journey that followed this Jubilee year, recognized important people who worked for the creation and consolidation of the UDA as Francisco Olmedo, Mario Jaramillo, Claudio Malo, Juan Lamb, Carlos Tapia, Dora Giordano and Luis Tonon.

Later, he recognized traditional schools in the city, such as the Marianitas, Catalinas, Borja and Asunción, for having lent their facilities during the first years of the University's life, so that it could work.

Then, he continued with the historical journey that the UDA has followed, always emphasizing the importance of knowing the origins to be able to project to the future. "The history of a university is the history of its people," he said before thanking the contribution that each of the members of the academic community has provided to the university since its inception.

After the Rector's speech, the polyphonic choir performed Gaudeamus Igitur, one of the most intoned hymns in universities.

Next, Cristina Reyes, national assemblyman for the Social Christian Party, presented the Vicente Rocafuerte medal to the UDA on behalf of the National Assembly for its 50 years. The agreement with which the prize was delivered highlighted "the vocation of service and permanent commitment of its directors and academics from the different campuses".

After this, the University of Azuay received four more recognitions from different governmental and religious institutions. First, Archbishop Pérez Caicedo went on behalf of the Archdiocese of Cuenca; Then Prefect Carrasco went on behalf of the Prefecture, Mayor Cabrera on behalf of the Municipality and Governor Enderica on behalf of the executive branch.

Before closing the event, the president of the republic, Lenin Moreno, sent a video where he extended his congratulations to the University for his 50 years of history. "The University of Azuay is an academic reference at a national level whose spirit of work for five decades has been a guarantee for the community," Moreno said in the video.

Finally, once again the UDA choir participated in the event by singing the Anthem of the University of Azuay, after which the solemn session was concluded and an invitation was made to a cocktail outside the auditorium.