Radio UDA Inauguration, it's time to listen to you!

Radio UDA Inauguration, it's time to listen to you!

On December 18, the University of Azuay, its Faculty of Philosophy and Human Sciences together with its School of Communication reopened Radio UDA; event that is framed within the fulfillment of the sustainable development objectives, mainly objective 4: Quality Education. 

At this meeting, our rector Francisco Salgado pointed out that this project will undoubtedly be a wonderful learning space, a laboratory where young people will raise their voices and the entire community will listen to them. 

He also mentioned that radio is the communication instrument that allows us to share multiple activities, allowing this medium to be present at any time or place. 

In turn, Carlos Guevara, dean of the Faculty of Philosophy and Human Sciences, shared his feelings with the rest of those present about the project that has been worked on in recent months and how it will be of great support for everyone. Communication major students. 

The director of the School, Catalina Serrano, also addressed the public expressing her gratitude and support for this project. 

At the end of the interventions, the ribbon was cut and the first radio broadcast was presented, sharing a pleasant moment with all attendees. 

Radio UDA Inauguration


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