Inauguration of the Training Program for Qualitative Methodologies

Inauguration of the Training Program for Qualitative Methodologies

The 27 and 28 of April inaugurated the Academic Training Program of Qualitative Methodologies for Social and Legal Research in the Hearing Room of the Faculty of Legal Sciences dictated by Silvana Tapia, lawyer and doctor in socio-legal studies.

The workshop was born in response to the predominance of quantitative methodologies in academic environments that, while useful, are not always applicable to Social Sciences.

The participants are teachers and researchers from different areas such as medicine, philosophy, administration, law and international studies.

"We have a diversity of opinions, the professors of other faculties give us feedback in different ways and, above all, the speaker is quite clear with what she wants to convey, I liked it and I would like you to continue creating these spaces," said Ana Lucía Pacurucu, professor of Clinical Psychology and director of the CEIAP, Center of Integral Stimulation and Psychotherapeutic Support of the UDA.

The project covers four modules and ends the month of June with the visit of a Colombian professor, who will hold a demonstration workshop with his research projects.