Inauguration of the renovated campus and celebration of Teacher's Day

Inauguration of the renovated campus and celebration of Teacher's Day

On April 11 at the University of Azuay, the Solemn Session was held for the inauguration of the renovated campus and celebration of Teacher and Community Day, an event framed in the fulfillment of the Sustainable Development Goals, specifically the objective 4: Quality Education.

The event was attended by authorities, teachers, administrative staff, students from our university community, creators of the institution, president of the Council of Higher Education, and the general public. 

Francisco Salgado, rector of the University of Azuay, addressed the public mentioning that the Tech Campus was designed to house research groups that collaborate with each other, with interdisciplinary and international networks in laboratory settings whose windows expand the view so that the entire community, Young people, especially, can be enthusiastic about the scientific method, based on curiosity and wonder. 

Once his intervention was finished, agreements were delivered to different members of our university community for imagining and making the renovation of the main campus of the University of Azuay a reality.

Representing the honorees, Felipe Andrade Ambrosi spoke a few words to the audience present, expressing his gratitude and happiness for receiving such valuable recognition. 

Once the Solemn Session was over, those present went to the Tech Campus to make way for the inauguration of this new and wonderful space. 

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