Students from the Schools of Education presented their degree works focused on the topic of inclusion

Students from the Schools of Education presented their degree works focused on the topic of inclusion

The July 5 School of Special Education hosted the Academic Conference "Education, Society and Inclusion", an event that took place in the Auditorium of the University of Azuay.

The program consisted of the exhibition of degree works by the graduates of the careers of Education and a round table with teachers of the University in which the theme of "Education committed to inclusion and innovation" was addressed.

The theses presented were:

"Maternal and child prevention through a radio program for adolescents", of the Career in Initial Education.

"Proposal of an inclusive museum for the Pumapungo Ethnographic Reserve to favor the participation of people with auditory, visual, motor and intellectual disabilities", of Basic Education.

"Detection of students with high capacities that attend fiscal institutions and individuals of initial education at the level of 4 to 5 years based on the perception of the teacher", of Initial Education.

"Playful Didactic Strategies in Mathematics, for the General Basic Education, of the Monte Sinaí School, of the Santa Ana parish of the province of Azuay", of Basic Education.

"Implementation of alternative and augmentative systems of communication aimed at the population with multiple challenges of the Project" Los Pequeñitos de OSSO "Fundación OSSO", of Initial Education.

"Theoretical and methodological proposal for the learning of sexual education in students of the seventh and eighth grade of General Basic Education of the José Ordoñez school of the Santa Ana parish, of the Azuay parish", of Basic Education.

"Study of the psychomotor development of children with Multidisability of the project Los pequeñitos of OSSO through the application of a methodological proposal of sensory integration", of Initial Education.

"Plan of Intervention based on Phonological Awareness and Visual Aid for children from 7 to 8 years of the Miguel Prieto de Sidcay school", of Basic Education.

Eulalia Tapia, a professor at the Faculty of Philosophy, commented that the topics presented by the students had an impact on society, that is, they generated changes in the way of thinking and seeing education.

"The students who presented the degree work are already graduates, they already had their grade mark, they are already professionals. They chose their subject together with their teachers and looked at the needs of the institutions where they applied their thesis work, "said Tapia.

To end the event, a round table was held where issues such as educational inclusion were discussed; the impact of education in today's society and the contributions of Communication, Design and Technology to Education.

The round table was made up of Caroline Ávila, teacher of the Social Communication career; Pedro Crespo, graduate of Administration Sciences of the UDA and entrepreneur; Matías Zibell, Coordinator of the School of Social Communication and moderator of the event; Danilo Sarabia, professor at the Faculty of Design; Omar Alvarado, professor at the Faculty of Science and Technology and Eulalia Tapia, professor at the Faculty of Philosophy.