Students from the University of Azuay win the "Fiber Reinforced Concrete Bowling Ball Competition" in the United States

Students from the University of Azuay win the "Fiber Reinforced Concrete Bowling Ball Competition" in the United States

On April 26, at the General Auditorium of the University of Azuay, a recognition ceremony was held in honor of the UDA TEAM team of the School of Civil Engineering for having obtained first place in the International "Fiber Reinforced Concrete Bowling Ball Competition". ”. 

This event was organized by the American Concrete Institute and was held in San Francisco, California, with the participation of teams from different parts of the world.

The UDA TEAM was represented by the following students: Emilia Clavijo, José Luis Molina, Nicole Harris, Juan Díaz, Ana María Moscoso and Nicolás Izquierdo. Similarly, an essential part of the team were Vladimir Carrasco, director, and Francisco Flores, international coordinator.  

The young people who participated carried out various tests and designs. This led them to elaborate many mixtures until they elaborated the final balls for the contest. To win, they had to measure the deformations based on the loads applied to the balls and predict their behavior, and those who came closest won the contest. 

In the background section, the young people already participated a year and a half ago in a reinforced concrete contest that helped them gain experience and motivated them to continue learning.

-Telling this experience from my perspective and that of my colleagues is complicated, but if we agree on something, it is our mutual gratitude for the work and effort that we decided to share. We have had very tired days and a very long day where even the guards wanted to know why we were still in the laboratory- commented Nicolás Izquierdo. 

During the ceremony held at the University of Azuay, the Academic Vice Chancellor Genoveva Malo Toral highlighted the importance of the victory of our students as a symbol of the constant effort they make every day. In addition, she spoke of academic excellence and teamwork as values ​​reflected in our Institution, and the fact that the team representing the University has successfully taken on the challenge fills the entire community with pride. In the same way, Genoveva Malo Toral emphasized the importance of the advice of mentors Vladimir Carrasco and Francisco Flores. 

In conclusion, the victory of the UDA TEAM of the School of Civil Engineering in the International Competition "Fiber Reinforced Concrete Bowling Ball Competition" is a great achievement for the UDA and for the entire country. This triumph demonstrates the talent and dedication of the students and their commitment to academic excellence and teamwork. In addition, the importance of having committed mentors is evident.