"The heart of a surgeon" presentation of the book by Doris Sarmiento

"The heart of a surgeon" presentation of the book by Doris Sarmiento

On March 26, the University of Azuay together with its Publishing House presented the book “The heart of a surgeon” by the author Doris Adriana Sarmiento, an event that is framed within the fulfillment of the sustainable development objectives, mainly objective 4: Education quality.

The event was attended by authorities, teachers and students from our university community, friends and family of the author. 

The book presented brings together the personal and professional experiences of a group of women surgeons, who open their hearts to share in these pages their love for surgery, as well as their fears, frustrations, joys, sadnesses, dreams, desires, challenges and others. life aspects. Of narrative genre and with story overtones, they are women who have fought to achieve their goals, overcoming obstacles along the way, always with knowledge, ability and fortitude.

The surgeons presented in this book perfectly represent women in the field of medicine, those who are passionate about their profession and who fight every day to face the obstacles along the way.

The welcoming words were given by Mónica Juma, deputy dean of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Azuay. 

The presentation of the book was made by Trotsky Serrano, doctor in Political Science from the University of Havana. 

Finally, the official launch of the book was carried out by the author Doris Sarmiento, a surgeon from the University of Cuenca. 

Book presentation


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