World Water Day: a discussion from sustainability

World Water Day: a discussion from sustainability

March 22 is International Water Day, a significant occasion to reflect on the importance of this vital resource in our lives and in the global ecosystem. This date, established by the United Nations General Assembly in 1993, seeks to raise awareness about sustainable water management and promote actions to address challenges related to its access, quality and conservation.

In this context, Pablo Guzmán, professor at the Faculty of Science and Technology of the University of Azuay, points out that one of the main objectives of making this date visible is for the population to become aware of the relevance of water, especially fresh water for consumption. human. 

Guzmán emphasizes that technological innovations are currently being developed to address problems related to the aforementioned topic, for example, there are several points that can be included from behavioral issues, that is, how people react to the use of water.

In this sense, education plays a fundamental role, since through it it allows the mainstreaming of water and at the same time highlights the relevance of water at all its levels, promoting practices of responsible use of water and the conservation of natural resources. water resources. 

Likewise, Guzmán mentions that there are some ways to contribute to the care of water, starting from individual practices such as managing its consumption and then contributing collectively with larger and impactful actions. 

By making International Water Day visible, we commit to working together in the search for collaborative and sustainable solutions to the water challenges we face as a society. 

Interview Pablo Guzmán