"From the interior landscape to the exterior landscape” by María Gabriela Moyano

"From the interior landscape to the exterior landscape” by María Gabriela Moyano

On March 21, the University of Azuay together with its Publishing House presented the book "From the interior landscape to the exterior landscape" by the author María Gabriela Moyano, an event that is framed in the fulfillment of the sustainable development objectives, mainly objective 4: Quality education.

The event was attended by authorities, teachers and students from our university community, friends and family of the author. 

From the interior landscape to the exterior landscape, it is a book that is presented as a graphic guide of the analysis parameters that are suggested to be considered for the correct linking of interior spaces with exterior spaces in different traditional and modern shopping centers.

This design tool is put to the consideration of students and professionals of interior design and architecture, with the objective of allowing them, on the one hand, to identify and consider the applications of the different guidelines that are addressed to assertively relate interior commercial spaces. with the exteriors, in the development of their design projects. 

The welcoming words were given by Genoveva Malo, academic vice-rector of the University of Azuay, who mentioned that the discipline of interior design is a field that constantly explores and innovates; Today the author presents a vision from the urban, cultural and commercial landscape, a new look at the perceptions between interior and exterior space, as well as between the public and the private.

In turn, Mónica Rivera, a university professor at the Salesiana Polytechnic University, presented the aforementioned book. 

Finally, the author made the official launch of her work, pointing out that she hopes that this book will be an easy-to-understand resource that will serve to find assertive answers in the definition, operation and generation of commercial premises within the world of interior design and architecture. . 

Presentation of the book


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