"From the street to the tables" a story by Francisco Jiménez

"From the street to the tables" a story by Francisco Jiménez

On November 22 at the University of Azuay, the book “From the street to the tables", a new path for Ecuador written by the author Francisco Jiménez Sánchez, was presented, an event that is framed within the Sustainable Development Goal: Quality Education.

The meeting was attended by authorities, teachers and students from our university community. 

At the event, José Chalco Quezada, dean of the Faculty of Legal Sciences, addressed those present, pointing out that the work presented shows the need to direct the presence and management of political organizations in their right, or even misguided, pretensions. in the reality of a fragmented country, is the essence and motivation of the analysis contained in the book “From the street to the tables.” 

Likewise, the author Francisco Jiménez addressed the audience sharing aspects of his career and experience in the public sphere. He revealed how his active participation in the sector served as inspiration for the writing of this work, providing a unique vision on the intersection between politics and the reality of Ecuadorian society.

"From the street to the tables"


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