Pre-university courses at the UDA

Pre-university courses at the UDA

After the general competency exams, the pre-university course for the 22 careers offered by the Universidad del Azuay began on Monday, July 29.

Paola López, Head of Development IT Department, said: “The pre-university is not a filter, unfortunately it seems to be for high-demand careers, as in the case of Medicine. However, the Rector of the UDA has stated that the university has open doors for all students in other careers. ”

The process will culminate the August 8 with the dissemination of the results. Classes are also being used in the classrooms of the La Asunción Private Educational Unit, due to the renovation of the Administration and Philosophy buildings.  

“We have 1.852 applicants in our pre-university and there are 1.500 places to enter the new academic semester. And as a university we are sure that we have provided an adequate service to our current and future students, ”said López

Within the framework of this service, on Thursday, July 25, a tour of all the facilities of the UDA was carried out so that all applicants know the benefits that the university has. In this way they learned about the variety of spaces offered by the University of Azuay such as: the department of medical and dental services, the service house, CEIAP, gym, basketball and soccer field, the new Hernán Malo library, laboratories of the Faculty of Science and Technology, La Trabana Campus, the Hospital del Rio Campus, among others.

Rubén Tamayo, Coordinator of the MiUDA Job Exchange, explained: “In case the applicants do not approve, they will have the opportunity to try the second call that will begin on August 26. For your registration you must enter the UDA website, where you will get the races that have available seats. Then they will take the general skills exam, this will be taken by the August 29, similar to the pre-university process on two areas of knowledge: mathematical logic and language ”.

Those who pass this evaluation will have to take an admission exam, that is, they should no longer attend classes. If an applicant needs information to take this exam, they can consult in their respective faculty, because this is similar to the one they took in the pre-university first call process.

“In this admission process, the objective has been set for all students to enter together, either those who followed the process of first and second pre-university call, and thus have no delay in the subjects assigned so that they can acquire the same knowledge with the rest of the students, ”said Tamayo.

For first cycle students who wish to apply for a scholarship, they should review the requirements on the UDA website (, also in the academic calendar indicates the dates in this regard. In the case of new students, they will be able to fill out the socioeconomic form of the 8 to August 28 and the scholarship application documents together with the completed form of the 26 to August 30.

In the case of the students who followed the exam of the second call of the pre-university they will present the socio-economic file of the 16 to the 20 of September and the application documents of the 23 September to the 4 of October, that is, they would have to take the first payment of the cycle so that the second payment with the scholarship is then applied. correspondent.