"CORPUS IURIS CIVILIS" Presentation of the Bibliographic Exhibition

"CORPUS IURIS CIVILIS" Presentation of the Bibliographic Exhibition

On November 14 at the University of Azuay, the presentation of the Bibliographic Exhibition CORPUS IURIS CIVILIS took place, 5 volumes from the 1584th century, a compilation of Roman Law ordered by Justinian I and directed by Triboniano Second Edition of the year 4, an event that It is framed in the fulfillment of the sustainable development objectives, mainly objective XNUMX: Quality Education.

The meeting was attended by authorities, teachers and students from our university community and members of the Archdiocese of Cuenca. 

At the event, José Chalco Quezada, dean of the Faculty of Legal Sciences, spoke during the event to highlight the importance of the exhibition. In his speech, he highlighted that this is not only intended for those initiated into the law, but also for those who explore in the pages of books a privileged access to human thought in its breadth. 

The presentation of such an important compilation of Roman Law was given by Dr. Jorge Morales Álvarez, professor at the Law School. 

This exhibition not only represents a milestone in the preservation and dissemination of the Roman legal legacy, but also a tangible effort towards the achievement of broader objectives related to access to knowledge fundamental to the understanding of our society and its evolution over time.

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