Laurel wreath for the best students

Laurel wreath for the best students

The best graduates of the 28 Schools of the Universidad del Azuay received the Honorato Vázquez prizes on November 1st during the opening ceremony of the new school year that took place in the Auditorium.

But this year a new tradition was inaugurated at the University, giving students with the best averages a crown of laurels.

"Human beings are the only species with the ability to create symbols. Within those symbols, today we establish the idea of ​​the laureates, recalling the tradition of Ancient Greece to deliver a crown of laurels to those who stood out among their peers, "said Rector Francisco Salgado.

In his inauguration speech, the Rector indicated that officially starting a new academic year implies giving clues about where the University wants to go.

Dr. Salgado recalled that a few days ago was presented the new educational model of the UDA to deans, subdecanos, school coordinators, teachers and administrative and added that the Ecuadorian University requires autonomy and diversity to emerge creativity and the audacity to seek the opportunities.

After naming all the winners, the Rector concluded: "Today they receive the laurel of our admiration and the feast of our deep affection. The University of Azuay is yours forever. "

After all the award-winning students took the stage, Sofía Andrade Corral, the best graduate of the Organizational Psychology career, spoke on behalf of all the students honored.

"This motivates us all to continue on the path of excellence that we have spent these years in the University," said the student.