Conference on Ethics in Communication

Conference on Ethics in Communication

Within the framework of the celebration of the forty-seventh anniversary of the Faculty of Management Sciences, the Conference on Ethics in Communication, Politics and Marketing was conducted by María Cecilia Alvarado.

Within this conference with a modality of discussion, topics that ranged from the professional and personal ethics that every student should have before the end of their career to how an ad campaign should be carried out with responsibility.

"If you do not have ethics, you are playing with the lives of people," said Vice Prefect of Azuay, assuring that society has a bad concept of professional ethics, since it is thought that only doctors or lawyers need ethics so as not to fail those who come to them.

But what about the rest of the workers like a mechanic or a publicist, the publicist also has the lives of the people in their hands because they are in charge of offering and guaranteeing the use of a product, the exhibitor indicated.

"Have you been thinking about your limits?" Alvarado asked the students, referring to the personal ethics that human beings should have.

To end the event Alvarado invited all students to reflect on what they really want to be, the kind of professional they want to be.

"Propose to that your professional exercise is ethical, but for what you have decided to be not for what the society dictates", concluded the VicePrefecta.