Conference “Constitutional Standards for Arbitration”

Conference “Constitutional Standards for Arbitration”

On November 23, the conference “Constitutional Standards for Arbitration” was held at the University of Azuay, given by Teresa Nuques, a prominent judge of the Constitutional Court. This event is framed in the Sustainable Development Goal: Peace, Justice and Solid Institutions and Quality Education.

The event was attended by authorities, teachers and students from the Faculty of Legal Sciences of the University. The dean of this faculty, José Chalco Quezada, in his welcoming remarks highlighted the importance of events like this to enrich legal knowledge and encourage dialogue around crucial issues in the Ecuadorian Constitutional State.

The main objective of the meeting was to deepen the understanding of the jurisprudence of the Constitutional Court regarding arbitration in the Ecuadorian context. Teresa Nuques, with her experience and knowledge, guided attendees through the constitutional standards related to this practice, offering a valuable perspective that will undoubtedly contribute to the academic and professional enrichment of those present.

Arbitration Conference


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