Closing of the Educa Sin Límites program: a contribution to social transformation

Closing of the Educa Sin Límites program: a contribution to social transformation

On March 16 at the Artisan Portal of the city of Cuenca, the closing of the Educa Sin Límites program for the binational project “From displacement to integration” was held, an event that is framed within the fulfillment of the sustainable development objectives. , mainly objective 1: End of poverty. 

The event was attended by authorities from the city of Cuenca, authorities and teachers from the University of Azuay, authorities from the entities involved, beneficiaries of the program, and the general public. 

The project "From displacement to integration", a joint initiative between the University of Azuay and the International Organization for Migration (IOM), with financing from the European Union, operated by the United Nations Project Office (UNOPS) , and the support of other global institutions, continues to make a significant difference in the lives of hundreds of people in a state of human mobility and permanent residents.

This project has had a great social impact with worldwide recognition and support, significantly contributing to hundreds of people who are in a state of vulnerability in our city; thus helping to generate great opportunities for future employment in line with the SDG Sustainable Development Goals. 

Project Closing


The welcoming words were given by our vice-rector for research Raffaella Ansaloni who, in addition to commenting on everything carried out during the training, expressed her happiness with the program, since it has been of great help to each of the participants, giving them an opportunity in the work environment. 

For her part, María Landazuri, project coordinator in Cuenca Child Fund International, addressed those present explaining the importance of this program that contributes to social mobility. 

Also, Jorge Rodríguez, rector of the Universidad del Río de Guayaquil, commented on the work carried out with the beneficiaries in Guayaquil.

Finally, María Fernanda Rosales, director of the project, inaugurated the fair on behalf of all the participants. 

Once the closing ceremony was over, attendees could visit the Artisanal Portal and purchase the products that the program participants had made in their different training sessions. 

Project Closing


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