Closing of the Mathematics trainings

Closing of the Mathematics trainings

On December 14, the closing ceremony and delivery of certificates of the Stimulus of Mathematical Talent (ESTALMAT) organized by the Faculty of Science and Technology in collaboration with the Ministry of Education was held at the General Auditorium of the University of Azuay.

Francisco Salgado, Rector of the University of Azuay, welcomed those present and extended a thank you to all the teachers and students who participated in the training.

“This course will undoubtedly benefit hundreds of young people thanks to the performance of our teachers who have been trained to bring students better opportunities. Above all, those who are in remote and most vulnerable sectors, ”said the Rector.

The training sessions were divided into two teaching courses and another one in mathematics improvement, taught by 18 teachers from the University of Azuay in the Faculty of Science and Technology.

All the mathematical concepts and exercises taught in the first, second and third years of high school, such as algebra, trigonometry, probability, statistics and calculus, were addressed.

“Currently, we are reviewing what we study in high school to complete this work; we hope that when we finish this task we can make a proposal to the Ministry of Education and if necessary, there will be a significant improvement in the contents and update the syllables that are being worked on in schools throughout the country, ”said Andrés López, Dean of Science and Technology.

Finally, the certificates were delivered to all the participants of the training in the different categories for both students and teachers.


UDA Correspondent