Approach to a scientific philosophy

Approach to a scientific philosophy

On January 14, through the digital platform Zoom, a dialogue was held on needs, values ​​and norms from a scientific philosophy, by Oscar Teixido from the University of Lleida, Spain.

This dialogue was promoted by UDA students as part of the University's International Ethics Program, a space that allows the dissemination of student thinking, strengthening the possibilities of academic development at all levels.

Teixido referred to scientific philosophy as a way of referring to philosophy well done: a good philosophy has to be based on science, because philosophy has to be practical and adjusted to the sciences of its time.

"Practical philosophy is one that encompasses all fields of philosophical studies aimed at ordering action in one way or another, whose purpose is to explain the fields by linking with human rights," he said and added:

"It is an alternative to other so-called philosophies that are obscure, vague and far from the reality of scientific and technological knowledge."

Teixido said that scientific philosophy is tested by hypotheses linked by internal consistency, basically by its logical coherence and then by its external coherence.

Finally, Teixido closed the dialogue talking about moral systems and then opened a round of questions with the attendees.


UDA Correspondent