New students of the UDA tell their life projects

New students of the UDA tell their life projects

The University of Azuay received its new 1.500 students with an opening ceremony followed by a workshop called "Life Project", organized by Mario Moyano and Mónica Rodas, professors of the Psychology careers of the Faculty of Philosophy.

The objective of the project was to ensure that students can have an idea of ​​what they want to do in their professional life and even on a personal, family and social level.

The professors of Psychology careers were the facilitators in these workshops and students from the last years of these careers also participated.

"First cycle students were clearly chosen because they are in a transition from school to university and it is necessary for them to adapt to university life, especially for the integration with their peers in the first years. it will help not only in the academic part but also in the social part, "commented Professor Mario Moyano.

After the first month and a half of classes there will be a new meeting to analyze if the students have received positively the message that they wanted to transmit and work together to avoid defections.

"Our intention is that the boys who entered the University leave with their title and clear of what they want to do later, when they already have their profession; then this not only stays in the workshop but after a month and a half we meet again until the end of the cycle, "said Professor Monica Rodas.

The workshops lasted eight hours and were held between the 28 and 29 in September.

The workshop will also be held with administrators and teachers.