Alliance between the University of Azuay and ETAPA EP

Alliance between the University of Azuay and ETAPA EP

On March 7, the University of Azuay and the Municipal Public Telecommunications Company for Drinking Water, Sewage and Sanitation of Cuenca (ETAPA EP) signed an interinstitutional cooperation agreement. 

Its objective is to establish the guidelines for the coordination and subscription of specific agreements with each participant, for pre-professional practices of students from the University of Azuay in the company ETAPA EP. 

The welcoming words were given by our rector, Francisco Salgado, who mentioned that the agreement signed today is a great opportunity for young people who study areas related to engineering, providing them with a great space to develop and prepare them for the world of work. 

For her part, María Verónica Polo general manager of ETAPA EP, addressed those present expressing her happiness for the new alliance and confirming that it will be a great learning space for students. 

EP STAGE agreement signed