Students in the second cycle and above

Degree students

Tuition students from the second cycle up

Students who are studying at the University of Azuay must register through the University website within the established dates.

For registration and subsequent payment, the following dates are valid:

Registration of ordinary license plates

Pre-registration online

  • From Monday 30 in July to Friday 24 in August

Notification by electronic mail of the matters admitted for registration

  • Tuesday August 28

Ordinary registrations in secretary, of matters not admitted in the pre-registration

  • Wednesday 29 and Thursday 30 of August

Extraordinary enrollments in the Faculty Secretariat

From Friday 7 to Tuesday 11 September

Special registration

Application duly justified to the Rector on university paper sheet from Wednesday 12 until Thursday 20 of September.

Periods of payment

Regular payment period of registration (without surcharge)

  • In the University treasury, payment by credit card from Monday 27 from August to Thursday 6 from September.
  • Payment in bank and internet from Monday 27 of August until Sunday 9 of September.

Extra tuition payment period (with surcharge):

  • In the University treasury, payment by credit card from Friday 7 until Wednesday 12 in September.
  • Payment in bank and internet from Friday 7 until Wednesday 12 of September.

Payment period of special license plates

  • In Treasury of the University payment by credit card from Thursday 13 until Friday 21 of September.

    Tuition level

    The level of tuition is established according to the socioeconomic situation of the student, according to the information on the card that the student fills at the time of enrollment.

    To calculate the value of the tuition to be paid

    To calculate the tuition value of the academic period in which the student wishes to enroll, the value of each credit (depending on the tuition level) must be multiplied by the number of credits it will take.

    Payment of values

    The payment of the values ​​corresponding to the school term can be made in two installments. The first includes 50% of the value of tuition plus tuition and contributions to student associations.

    Payment must be made, on the dates established, before the start of classes. It can be done in the Treasury of the University only with a credit card, in Banco del Austro, in Banco de Guayaquil and Banco del Pichincha.

    The second fee corresponds to the remaining 50% of the tuition and can be canceled through the aforementioned payment channels, before the start date of the final exams. It is also possible to make a single payment or partial payments during the course of the cycle, for which it is necessary to approach the Treasury of the University.

    For students of 2do and 3er cycle: The value of each loan is 79,25 dollars for all races.

    For students of 4to cycle onwards: According to tuition levels:




    Tuition fees and contributions to student associations


    September cycle 2018 - February 2019