The University

Historical Review

The University of Azuay was born in 1968 and has its headquarters in the city of Cuenca, capital of the province of Azuay. In its beginnings it was part, first, of the Santiago Catholic University of Guayaquil and, later, of the Pontifical Catholic University of Ecuador.

In 1990, after fulfilling all the legal requirements, it was recognized as Universidad del Azuay, through the Law of the Republic.

In the year 2006 became the first Ecuadorian university to achieve accreditation by the National Council for Evaluation and Accreditation, CONEA.  

The University of Azuay offers undergraduate training through its twenty-nine schools distributed in six faculties.

Postgraduate training is offered through masters and specializations, the academic offer responds to the needs identified in our region and country framed in the commitment to serve society.


Our mission

We are a University Community that trains people with critical thinking, ethically committed to society, which contributes to science and knowledge to achieve the integral development of our environment. 



To be a research-oriented University; accredited with national and international standards; and, become a national academic reference.

Safety, health and environment policy.

Being faithful to our principles and values ​​at the Universidad del Azuay we commit ourselves to:

  • Protect the health and safety of all those who make the "University Community" by promoting and developing adequate working conditions and a sustainable environment.
  • Make learning and continuous improvement part of our life as a contribution to create and develop a culture of prevention and self-care. Comply with the legal regulations of S&SO, applicable to our institutional actions.
  • Assign the necessary resources to develop a system to prevent occupational health and safety risks.
  • Promote the participation and compliance with the guidelines for industrial safety and occupational health in all its employees, contractors, visitors and other personnel related to the execution of its processes.
  • Disseminate this Policy to the entire University Community.

It is the active and permanent commitment of all University employees, contractors and interested parties, to comply with this Policy.


Principles and values

Search for the truth

  We seek the truth guided by reason.


  We practice respect for diversity.

Social Commitment

  We work for a fair and equitable society with honesty, transparency and social accountability.

Environmental awareness

  We promote sustainable development and the protection of the environment.

Participatory community

  Our management is characterized by the active and proactive participation of all the members of the community.

Non-profit education

  We believe in education as a solidary service.

Academic quality

  We work for the continuous improvement and accreditation of our university work.


University Anthem

Educational Model

Educational model


Statute, regulations and resolutions


Organic Law of Higher Education 


Statute of the University of Azuay 

Resolutions of the University Council
  • Year 2023

    The University

    Resolutions of the University Council

    Year 2023

    Resolution No. CU-2023-235

    Possession of representatives of teachers and workers to the Councils of the Faculties of Philosophy and Human Sciences and Administration Sciences

    Resolution No. CU-2023-236

    Approval of the Graduation Regulations for Graduate Programs

    Resolution No. CU-2023-237

    Resolution on the Investigation Committee of offenses contemplated in article 76 of the Statute

    Resolution No. CU-2023-238

    Incorporation of the general provision in the Regulation of Scholarships for Students of the University of Azuay

    Resolution No. CU-2023-239

    Authorization for the acquisition of an emergency generator and transformer for the main campus

    Resolution No. CU-2023-240

    Approval of the project of the Master in Geomatics

    Resolution No. CU-2023-241

    Approval and reform of tuition fees and fees for postgraduate programs

    Resolution No. CU-2023-242

    Approval of requests for withdrawal of subjects

    Resolution No. CU-2023-243

    Approval of application for financial support for postgraduate studies

    Resolution No. CU-2023-244

    Approval of license applications

    Resolution No. CU-2023-245

    Approval of application for replacement of title

    Resolution No. CU-2023-246

    Specific inter-institutional cooperation agreement with the Ministry of Public Health, Zonal Coordination 6 Health

    Resolution No. CU-2023-247

    Inter-institutional cooperation framework agreement with the American School Educational Unit

    Resolution No. CU-2023-248

    Framework agreement for inter-institutional cooperation entered into with Intelligent Territories - IT Cía. Ltd.

    Resolution No. CU-2023-249

    Framework agreement with the IUAD Fashion Academy

    Resolution No. CU-2023-250

    Specific agreement with the IUAD Fashion Academy

    Resolution No. CU-2023-251

    Specific agreement for pre-professional practices with the State Attorney General's Office

    Resolution No. CU-2023-252

    Cooperation framework agreement with the Universidad Da Beira Interior (Covilhá – Portugal)

    Resolution No. CU-2023-253

    Specific cooperation agreement with the Universidad Da Beira Interior (Covilhá – Portugal)

    Resolution No. CU-2023-254

    Possession of the representative of the workers to the Council of the Faculties of Legal Sciences and Medicine

    Resolution No. CU-2023-255

    Reform to the academic calendar for the period March – July 2023

    Resolution No. CU-2023-256

    Approval of the application for recognition of international studies

    Resolution No. CU-2023-257

    Approval of application for financial support for postgraduate studies

    Resolution No. CU-2023-258

    Approval of requests for withdrawal of subjects

    Resolution No. CU-2023-259

    License application approval

    Resolution No. CU-2023-260

    Specific inter-institutional cooperation agreement with the Superintendency of Banks

    Resolution No. CU-2023-261

    Specific academic cooperation agreement with AGROTA Cía. Ltd.

    Resolution No. CU-2023-262

    Cooperation framework agreement with the Santander Technological Units

    Resolution No. CU-2023-263

    Agreement with the Internal Revenue Service

    Resolution No. CU-2023-264

    Collaboration and coordination agreement with the Metropolitan Polytechnic University of Puebla

    Resolution No. CU-2023-265

    Framework agreement with the Association of Ceramists of Ecuador

    Resolution No. CU-2023-266

    Specific agreement with the Public Company of the University of Cuenca

    Resolution No. CU-2023-267

    Agreement with the Municipal Public Housing Company in the canton of Guayaquil

    Resolution No. CU-2023-268

    Specific inter-institutional cooperation agreement with the Ministry of Public Health

    Resolution No. CU-2023-269

    Memorandum of Understanding with the Mendel University in Brno - Czech Republic

    Resolution No. CU-2023-270

    Cooperation agreement with the Federal University of Ouro Preto

Regulations and instructions

List of authorities

Rector: Francisco Salgado Arteaga
Academic Vice-Rector: Genoveva Malo Toral
Vice President for Research: rafaella ansaloni
Administrative and Financial Dean: Fernando Córdova León
General Secretary: Ximena Mejía Moscoso


Faculty of Philosophy, Letters and Education Sciences
Dean: Dr. Carlos Guevara Toledo
Subdecana: Ximena Velez Calvo


Faculty of Administration Sciences
Dean: Oswaldo Merchan Manzano
Subdecana: Gabriela Duque Espinoza


School of Design, Architecture and Art
Dean: Rafael Estrella Toral
Subdecana: Veronica Heras Barros


Faculty of Legal Sciences
Dean: Jose Chalco Quezada
Deputy Dean: Guillermo Ochoa Rodriguez


Faculty of Science and Technology
DeanAndres Lopez Hidalgo
Subdecana: Ana Maria Burbano Villavicencio


Faculty of Medicine
Galo Duque Proaño
Subdecana: Monica Juma Fernandez


Faculty of Psychology
Martha Cobos Cali
Deputy Dean: Mario Moyano Moyano


Postgraduate Department
Director: Carla Hermida Palacios
Deputy Director: Mateo Coello Salcedo

Organic structure


Organic Structure