Frequently asked questions - Academic information


  • When do we start classes?
  • What will be my hours?
  • Can I add / cancel a subject without approaching the University?
  • I am studying intensive English and it won't let me do my pre-registration, what should I do?

  • Until when can I pay the tuition for this cycle?
  • Can I pay monthly at the University without a credit card?
  • Can I pay the tuition by transfer?
  • With what cards can I pay interest-free?
  • What if I can't pay the tuition?

  • What happens if I cannot access the virtual campus?
  • Change of password
  • I changed my password but it does not enter the virtual campus

  • How do I enter the Virtual Campus?
  • How to invite a Zoom meeting?
  • Can I connect from a cell phone or a tablet?