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Name: Training and Certification Course in ADI-R and ADOS-2
Dates: From 22 to 26 from October 2018




40 classroom hours


In the city of Cuenca, there are not enough professionals trained in the diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), for this reason it has been necessary to organize training and certification in two instruments validated internationally for this purpose, such as the ADI-R AND ADOS-2. For this training, we have contacted Dr. Valeria Nanclares, who has been qualified by the authors of the tests, to provide certifications under certain regulations.

The ADI-R and ADOS-2 training and certification course will be aimed at teachers of the University of Azuay and professionals from other institutions, who hold a degree in Psychology, Language Therapist, Neurologist and Special Educator, whose daily practice is related with this problem.

The ADOS (Autism Observational Schedule) and the ADI-R toddler (Autism Diagnostic Interview- Revised) are the only two instruments considered by the Autism Research Association (INSAR - International Association for Autism Research) as the two diagnostic instruments that have the scientific rigor, and the sensitivity for the diagnosis of Autistic Spectrum Disorder. (TORCH).

Both diagnostic instruments are of great complexity in their administration, and have been specially designed for use in the investigation of ASD, being essential the accreditation of having received the training for its application. He ADI- R it is a clinical interview that allows a deep evaluation of subjects with suspected autism or some Autism Spectrum Disorder. It focuses on the behaviors that occur rarely in people not affected. It has proven to be very useful in the diagnosis and design of educational and treatment plans. The Observation Scale for the Diagnosis of Autism - 2 (ADOS-2) it is a standardized and semi-structured evaluation of communication, social interaction and play or the imaginative use of materials for people with suspected autism spectrum disorder.



  • Training and certification in the handling of the AD-IR and ADOS-2 tests, for the evaluation and monitoring of children and adults with ASD, by Dr. Valeria Nanclares, Psy.D. Manager, Autism Treatamen Program.


  • Train and certify professionals related to ASD
  • Handle the same regulations for all professionals involved in ASD


The work methodology will be developed through master classes and experiential workshops.


For the ADOS-2 course, there will be several live administrations.

  • The first day, the explanation of the 3 and 4 Modules is given. These modules work with children, teenagers or adults who have fluent language.
  • On the second day, the 1 and 2 Modules are introduced. These modules work with children who are non-verbal or minimally verbal (module 1), and children who have established language by phrases (module 2).
  • The Toddler Module is introduced on the third day in the morning. In the afternoon the 1 and 2 module will be administered live.
  • Fourth and fifth day, course of ADI-R. An administration is made per day with the parents. The first day, you work with parents of children under 4 years. The second day, we work with parents of children over 8 years.


Professionals whose work is related to the area of ​​ASD


To the participants who pass the course, the University of Azuay will issue a Certificate of Approval for 40 hours, with the respective certification to be able to apply the ADI-R and ADOS-2 instruments.


Monday 22 to Friday 26 of October from 08h00 to 13h00 and from 15h00 to 18h00


Valeria Nanclares-Nogués, Psy.D. Official coach in ADI-R and ADOS-2


Includes registration, materials and certificate

  • General public: $ 820,00.
  • Staff of the University of Azuay: $ 690,00

Payment options

UDA staff

  • Automatic discount to the payment role, once you check the box "Discount payment role" when you register online. Three installments of $ 230.00 each, the months of November and December 2018 and January 2019.
  • Direct payment in Treasury of the University:
  • Cash
  • With credit card - can be deferred up to three months without interest

General public

  • Payment in the Treasury of the University

- Cash

- With a credit card - can be deferred up to three months without interest

Payment codes Treasury

  • Public in general: code 1074 - $ 820.00
  • UDA staff that does not want a discount to the payment role: code 1075 - $ 690,00


  • Degrees of Psychologist, Language Therapist, Neurologist, Special Educator, Early Stimulator

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