Permanent Chair of Cultural Anthropology

Permanent Chair of Cultural Anthropology

Units involved

  • Open University Unit
  • Culture Unit
  • Teaching Team of the Chair of Anthropology

About the Permanent Chair of Anthropology

The Permanent Chair of Anthropology aims to generate a space for constant dialogue on issues related to Cultural Anthropology, through the exchange of knowledge resulting from anthropological research in its different areas of application, within the framework of the defense of diversity and promotion of interculturality. The chair is designed as a space for dissemination and discussion on the topics that concern cultural anthropology in contemporary times, seeking, in turn, to position this academic discipline at the University of Azuay, an institution that decades ago promoted the Master's Degree in Development Anthropology and that, since 2018, this area of ​​knowledge has been incorporated as a compulsory subject in all their undergraduate careers.


The Permanent Chair of Anthropology is a non-curricular, open and free space, in which invited professionals from different universities and research institutes in the country and abroad will participate as exhibitors.

To begin, work will be done through talks, conferences and panels on the Zoom digital platform


The activities will be aimed at students, teachers, researchers and the general public.

Attendees who participate constantly in academic activities will receive a certificate of attendance at the Chair, provided that their attendance has been at least 70%.


One or two monthly activities, depending on the availability of the speakers and the university.


Participation will be open and free

Permanent Chair of Cultural Anthropology




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