We offer students the exciting possibility of completing a semester of studies at more than 40 universities around the world, with which we maintain close agreements. Additionally, we are proud to welcome foreign students who wish to participate in our academic programs or immerse themselves in the experience of learning Spanish. We strive to establish agreements and agreements with universities, research centers and academic support institutions abroad, while working diligently to maintain existing agreements and agreements active.


University of Azuay among the best in the country.

There are 6150+
SCImago Ranking
There are 16671+
Graduated since 2010

I studied a semester at the University of Beira (Portugal)

He shares his experience at the University of Vigo in Spain

I studied a semester at the Francisco de Vitoria University (Spain)

Law student shares his experience at Universidad Siglo 21 Argentina

Communication student shares her experience in Argentina with us

Civil Engineering student shares his experience in Portugal with us


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