My UDA Student Welfare Department of the University of Azuay, offers guidance, information and advice to students, graduates, graduates and college students who wish to enter the University.

My purpose is to foster an atmosphere of respect for the values, physical, psychological and sexual integrity of the members of the university community.

In Mi UDA you can find information about the academic offer of the University and job opportunities through the Labor Exchange.

Coordination of student services

My UDA provides information regarding the different services that Universidad del Azuay has for its students.

Students enrolled at the Universidad del Azuay can benefit from:

Student Insurance

My UDA provides information regarding the different services that Universidad del Azuay has for its students.

Regular students have:

  • Personal accident insurance on and off the university campus also covers emergency surgical procedures.
  • Maternity insurance for female students
  • Life insurance due to accidental death.

Medical Services of the University

Medical department: Emergency diagnosis, care and medication

7h00 - 12h00
14h00h - 21h00

The Medical Department is located in front of the cafeteria, in the central campus.

Dental Department: Diagnosis and care

12h00 - 13h00
15h00 - 17h00
The Dental Department is located on the top floor of the doctor's office.

Psychological Department: Psychological assistance and personal accompaniment.

8h30 - 12h30 15h00 - 19h00
The Psychological Department is located on the third floor of the IERSE building, computation and research.


The University of Azuay offers scholarships that cover from an 25% to an 100% of the total value of tuition. Our students can apply for scholarships by:

  • Merit in the baccalaureate and outstanding students
  • Economic situation
  • Academic merit
  • Sports merit
  • Student representatives
  • Support in cultural activities
  • Disability scholarships

My UDA will receive the requested documentation for the processing of the different scholarships offered by the University of Azuay.

Job vacancies:

Through this service, public and private companies make available their job offers for students and graduates of the Universidad del Azuay. You can access the job exchange in http://www.uazuay.edu.ec/bolsa/.

The integral well-being of our students is a priority, which is why students from third enrollment, special cases and students with disabilities are followed up.

Further information:

For more information, contact the Student Welfare Department located on the university campus next to the Main Library or contact us at mi.uda@uazuay.edu.ec, or to the 4091000 Ext 703, 712 and 714 line