Basic data

Name: Experts in Food Processing
Dates: Registration: until the 31 of March of 2017, Start of Classes: 17 of April of 2017



Five semesters

Certificate: Experts in Food Processing by the Universidad del Azuay

International certificate: issued by the Federation of German Chambers of Commerce and Industry. (Deustescher Industrie-und Handelskammertag - DIHK)

Modality: dual

Duration: five semesters

Timetable: From Monday to Thursday, from 16h00 to 20h00.


The education system in dual modality, is a training method that is developed simultaneously in learning environments of both the educational institution and the training company. Its development supposes, in addition to the academic training based on subjects oriented to key areas of the company, the management of practical learning with integrated professional and academic tutoring. on-site. At the end of the program, the student will develop an individual business project.

In turn, the training companies are co-responsible organizations in the process of student training. They receive students in dual training and are constituted in learning environments for the acquisition of knowledge, skills and abilities and the development of application and experimentation practices. Facilitate business tutors to help achieve the development of skills necessary for the development in the workplace.

Advantages of dual training

For the student:

  • Obtaining the Certificate of Expert in Food Processing.
  • Integration of their knowledge in various departments of the training company.
  • High ability to transfer theory to practice.
  • Acquisition of knowledge and optimal work experience.
  • Opportunities for job stability.
  • Financial support from the training company to pay for their studies.
  • International certification of their competences.

For the company:

  • Have qualified personnel according to the needs of your company.
  • Have young, flexible, dynamic collaborators.
  • Ensure a staff with a high degree of identification, commitment, innovation and loyalty to the company.
  • Provide job access opportunities - Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Possibility of choosing the students that will be formed within their companies
  • There is no express employment relationship, nor does the regime of the Internship Law apply.

Exit Profile of the Food Processing Expert:

  • It controls and directs a production line, directs personnel and controls processes.
  • He assists in the direction, management and control of production and packaging plants; under safety and occupational health guidelines, environmental protection and quality control.
  • It recognizes faults in the development of the process, and applies corrective measures in it.
  • Applies rules on the storage management of ingredients, additives, raw materials, final products and packaging.
  • Controls the cleaning, care and maintenance of processing plants.
  • Manages documentation and controls processes.
  • Apply regulations of BPM and HACCP in the industry.
  • Determines parameters of product quality.
  • Use media applied to daily tasks.
  • Organizes work development and personnel supervision.

Entry process:

1. Registration:

Deliver the following documents to the Department of Continuing Education:

  • Simple copy of identity card
  • Simple copy of bachelor's degree
  • Registration form filled out. Acquire in the Treasury of the UDA, Law number 876.
  • Cost: $ 20,00

2. Pass the admission exam:

The knowledge and aptitude of the aspirants will be evaluated. The topics will be sent to the emails registered in the registration.

3. Registration

The selected applicants must cancel the value of $ 750,00 per semester. The training company finances the difference in tuition.

Important dates:

  • Exams: Monday 3 of April, in the classrooms of the Postgraduate Department, with the following schedule:

Knowledge test: at 16h00

Psychometric examination: at 18h00

Applicants are asked to attend with 10 minutes in advance.

  • Selection of students by companies: 6 and 7 for April.

The results will be sent to the applicant's email.

  • Tuition: from 10 to 12 for April.
  • Start of classes: April 17


At the University: from Monday to Thursday, from 16h00 to 20h00.

In the training company: according to the schedules determined by each company.

In the first two semesters, the student will attend 200 hours (14 weeks) to the University of Azuay and 80 hours (two weeks) to the training company, at the end of each period. From the third semester the student must attend the University for the theoretical classes and three days a week to the company.

Tuition value: $ 750 semester. The difference is assumed by the training company.

More information:


General chemistry
General biology
Industrial Security
Oral and written expression
2Principles of nutrition
Production costs
Organic chemistry
Food technology I
English I
Food's microbiology
Food chemistry
3Management and quality regulation
Conservation methods
Food analysis II
Basic operations I
English II
Sensory analysis
Functional Foods
4Basic operations II
Dairy products technology
Cereal technology
Fruit and vegetable technology
Food legislation
Investigation and development
Sanitization of plants
5Business project
Meat technology
Beverage and liquor technology
Fats and oils technology

Institutions involved:

  • Chamber of Industries, Production and Employment
  • Chamber of Industries and Commerce Ecuadorian - AHK
  • University of Azuay
  • Training companies


The course is aimed at: Bachelors

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More information:

Ing. Miriam Briones García: