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Name: Innovation and leadership in women's management practices
Dates: 30 from May to 27 from July of 2019



130 hours (90 classroom hours, 3 hours tutoring, 37 hours self-employment)

Each module will have a duration of 3 days with a face-to-face mode and in withdrawal format.

  • Module I: 30, 31 for May and 1 for June for 2019
  • Module II: 20, 21 and 22 of June of 2019
  • Module III: 1 group: 22, 23 and 24 of July of 2019
  • Module III: 2 group: 25, 26 and 27 of July of 2019

Location: Santa Bárbara and Estancia Rosario

Promote the presence and capacity of influence of women in the instances of corporate governance and executive roles, incorporating from the SER dimension, the equity, social, environmental and financial sustainability approaches in the management of companies to positively impact on the society.
The work approach is experiential and seeks that the participants recognize and apply the tools to enrich their managerial roles.
The raw material of the process is the experience of each participant; Teachers are facilitators who take care of the methodological details to contribute to learning.
One of the bases of the approach is that personal change occurs when we become aware of what is happening inside and outside of us, at the moment it happens, which implies the development of self-awareness to identify patterns of behaviors that facilitate or limit leadership roles.
We integrate the physical, emotional, mental and transpersonal dimensions to recover from the connection with the body, information about those patterns that limit and / or enhance the contributions at a personal level, of subsystems and the system of the company as a whole.
Additionally, the learning process will be supported with individual sessions to accompany the role, which will address aspects that in the format of the collective workshop are not possible, thus achieving greater efficiency in the transformation and innovation of their roles.
Assessment criteria
To obtain the certificate of approval of the course "Innovation and Leadership in Women Management Practices", the participant must comply with at least the 80% attendance and the 70% achievement for the approval of each module. The approval of each module includes the presentation of individual or group works.

  • I Module
    I Module - Innovation and leadership in women's management practices
    Dates:16, 17 and 18 May
    Duration:30 hours

    - Challenges of sustainability: 2030 Agenda and companies (Evangelina Gómez)

    - Measurement and reporting systems incorporating the SDGs into the business chain (Evangelina Gómez)

    - Challenges of financial sustainability for innovation (Andrés Vinueza)

    - How to manage and capitalize the social investment of the company (Camila Hernández)

  • II Module
    II Module - Innovation and leadership in women's management practices
    Dates:20, 21 22 y de Junio
    Duration:30 hours

    - Cost of gender violence for companies: cases Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia (Viviana Maldonado)

    - Neurobiology of violence: transformation of behavior patterns in organizations (Martha Cobos)

    - Design Thinking; influence tools (Andrea Pinto)

    - Spaces of corporate representation, power and influence: challenges and opportunities for women. Discussion with businessmen and businesswomen (Alfredo Peña Graiman Industrial Group , Lucia Arteta FBNEdwin Astudillo Chubb)

    - Female leaders as agents of change? Communication and construction of the narrative (Lucia Arteta)

  • III Module
    III Module - Innovation and leadership in women's management practices
    Dates:1 Group: 22, 23, 24, July - 2 Group: 25, 26 and 27 for July
    Duration:30 hours
    - Organizational transnovation and leadership (INNOVA Catalan Company,Joan Roma I Vergés, Jaume Benavent Guard, Jaume Benavent Guard, Sandra Carrau Pascual, David Sierra Lozano)


  • Executive women
  • Women who are in charge of their headquarters and work groups
  • Entrepreneurs in various sectors and fields of action
Leadership, transition and innovation in companies
Organizational diagnosis: identification of the mental and affective models from which we look at organizations
Processes of observation, integration, interpretation and organizational action
Evangelina Gómez
- Executive Director of the Ecuadorian Consortium for Social Responsibility CERES
- Extensive experience in organizational management, sustainability, inter-institutional relations.
- Lecturer, speaker and trainer in various national and international events.
Andrés Vinueza
- Corporate manager of projects and technology
- Experience in transformation of business challenges in technological solutions and services.
- 20 years of experience in sales consulting, service delivery and project management in financial institutions, manufacturing, mass consumption, retail and air transportation; of companies in Latin America.
Camila Hernández
- Consulting Manager in Sustainable Development Ecuador
- Has more than 12 years of experience in issues related to Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development.
- Has worked for public and private companies
- Has Harvard Executive Education for Sustainability Leadership, Harvard University Massachusetts - USA
Viviana Maldonado
- She is the national coordinator of the PreViMujer Program -Prevention of violence against women- of the German Technical Cooperation GIZ.
- Co-founder of the Youth Political Coordinator for Gender Equity in 1996.
- National consultant and specialist in Gender and women's rights.
Martha Cobos
- Professor in the Department of Clinical Psychology at the University of Azuay,
- Academic Vice-Rector of the University of Azuay.
- Ph.D. at the University of Salamanca, Spain Extraordinary Doctorate Award
- Has conducted research in the areas of neuropsychology, violence and education.
Andrea Pinto
- Founder and CEO of Sonder - Studios
- Competitiveness and Innvocation Director at Asobanca Ecuador
- Manager of Commercial Innovation at Royal Bank of Scotland
Lucía Arteta
- Executive Director of the Ecuador chapter of the Family Business Network (FBN)
- President of the Board of Directors of the American School of Quito.
- Board Member of Edimca
- Chairman of the Board of Medford SA
INNOVA Catalan Company
- The methodology of Organizational Transnovation®, created and developed by the Institute, addresses the organization as a complex reality that takes into account its techno-structural, psycho-social, political and strategic-existential dimensions.
- The Organizational Transnovation and Leadership has sources such as: the humanist approach, Freire's theory of knowledge and Bateson's learning, the co-development approach, the contributions of the analytical tradition and the socio-technical and viable systems perspectives.
Joan Roma I Vergés
- President of the Innova Institute
- Author of several articles on new organizational models and their application,
- Experience in the implementation of new organizational forms of the public and private sector.
- Advises different politicians and senior managers in their leadership role.
Jaume Benavent Guard
- Project Director of the Innova Institute
- As a consultant, he accompanies, among others, family-owned companies and management teams of professional organizations.
Sandra Carrau Pascual
- Partner-Consultant of the Innova Institute
- Associate Director of the Cycle "Bion en las Organizaciones" and Co-Director of the Seminar "Organizing in collaboration: learning through experience"
David Sierra Lozano
- Innova Partner-Consultant
- Advises managers in the leadership role.
- As an organization consultant, participates in Shared Strategic Vision Creation Programs and in the development of the "Systemic Contributions Methodology" for companies in organizational innovation processes.
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